David Herrera

Nov 2ND



David Herrera, a Cuban Italian American and a 20-year East Brunswick resident, garnered his interest in giving back to the community that has supported him over the years. David is an East Brunswick High School graduate and a homegrown success. Having faced many struggles in early adulthood, his subsequent journey to self improvement culminated in finding purpose through recovery and public service. As such, he feels a strong connectivity with many of the problems facing our society. He was raised by a hard working single mother who helped him foster a sense of resilience, values of sacrifice, and strong determination. Faith in his fellow citizens is a key tenet of his philosophy.

David is a small business owner and previously operated two restaurants in town. He has been responsible for all facets of his business, mastered managerial and service skills, and handled private and corporate relationships. He has worked with people of different backgrounds, view points, and lifestyles. David cares about providing career building opportunities to those disenfranchised by previous incarceration or substance abuse. David believes that building skills in hospitality services and associated creative outlets provides a path to developing leadership skills and stability.

A testament to his creativity and commitment to the community, David helped his small business thrive during this past year under the pressure of the Covid19 pandemic. He adapted, operated more efficiently, and focused on providing the customer service that the community needed. He believes that applying the same philosophy to our town can bring about economic prosperity and tax cuts to the people who truly need it. David knows that understanding people's needs can often help one create solutions and he is a prime example of when you put your mind to something, anything is possible!

My Mission

My mission is simple, it is time for East Brunswick to have a new voice. For far too long our Town and our Council has been stagnant and one sided. It's time to have different views and innovative ideas brought to the table, to have a bipartisan review on all township items. The people of East Brunswick deserve transparency on all major topics that affect our town, to have an awareness on our towns plans and how they either benefit or impact our residents. My promise to you is to devote my time, my energy and my hard work into making East Brunswick the best it can be. The people deserve better, this town deserves better.

The Issues

Redevelopment: Under the current township administration, redevelopment along the Route 18 corridor has been marked with costly litigation and mismanagement, mirroring the failed "Golden Triangle" project. David has a different vision for East Brunswick that respects the fundamental character of our suburban town, which does not lead towards urbanization, increased traffic, wasteful overspending, and infrastructure burdens on our community. Pilot Program funded construction projects will only benefit a select few, while the homeowners will pay the ultimate price of higher school and property taxes. David wants to represent the many families of our community in the town's redevelopment plans and bring a fresh perspective and ideas to the table.

Taxes: Spending efficiencies continue to be an important facet of David’s business and he will seek opportunities to bring fiscal responsibility to the forefront of all service initiatives directed towards improving quality of life for our residents, rather than wasteful spending and policies. David has been particularly curious as to how recent municipal utility increases have affected community constituents and how to avoid unrestrained increases in the future. David is strongly committed to exploring solutions that will lead to safely opening schools so that working families can return to normalcy. David will work for the residents to get the answer to their question, as to why families who took a pay cut during the pandemic to home school their children didn't get a tax credit while schools remained closed and fully funded. Finally, David will examine all past, current and future town spending bills to see where the current administration could have and should cut unnecessary spending to make East Brunswick not only more affordable to current residents but more attractive to future ones.

Quality of Life: As a long term resident of this amazing town, David has seen firsthand the decline in East Brunswick's quality of life, transitioning from a family town to a commuter pass through. First, David believes that the expansion of cultural arts and community programs act as a backbone to the wellness of a community and he wants to see our parks and playgrounds improved so families can enjoy exploring the outdoors together. As someone who grew up in East Brunswick, David knows all too well the lack of places and activities for our youth (outside of walking around the mall on a Friday night). David plans to work with the council members and the mayor to develop more programs dedicated to the youth of our great town. Lastly, David wants to see East Brunswick become a home to more family-friendly businesses and developments to improve the quality of life for generations to come.

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